Best Articles of 2021 from the Connect4Commerce Small Business News Blog

Top Canadian Business Blog Articles of 2021 featuring business tips and advice

A Year in Review

by Bruce Tannas

Connect4Commerce started its small business news blog in 2021. To date, it has been well received with thousands of views our posts and interviews that feature small business tips and advice for Canadian entrepreneurs. This review is a retrospective of the best Canadian Small Business Blog articles of 2021.

Over the course of 2021, the Connect4Commerce business blog covered a number of topics including how to buy or sell a business, buying or leasing a commercial property, small business marketing, small business management, human resources, and other small business topics.

Top 5 Most Read Small Business Blog Posts of 2021

The following are the most read small business blog posts of 2021:

  1. How to Buy a Business with a Vendor Take Back Mortgage – Using a vendor take back mortgage to buy a business can have advantages for you as the buyer. Learn how to buy a business with a vendor take back mortgage.
  2. The Importance of Small Business in Canada – Small businesses are important to our communities and to the Canada’s economy. Learn more about the importance of SMEs in Canada.
  3. Systemize Your Business – If you feel that there is not enough time in the day then you need to systemize your business. Learn about the 5 steps in creating a good business system.
  4.  Working with the Media for Small Businesses – In this interview with Carla Minogue, a CBC reporter and principle of a PR firm, we discuss how to work with the media as a small business owner.
  5. Should You Buy or Lease a Commercial Property? – Should you buy or lease a commercial property? Learn about the 7 factors that will help you determine which is better for your business.

2021 Small Business Blog Articles with Big Impact

In 2021, Connect4Commerce produced several guides to help small business owners navigate through key changes in their businesses.

Buying or Selling a Business in Canada

Buying or Leasing Commercial Space for Your Business

2021 Canadian Small Business Blog Articles – Editors Choice

There are a few articles and interviews that stand out in my mind from 2021 as being amongst our most memorable posts.

  • Planning a Successful Exit from Your Business – In February, I had the privilege of interviewing Sid Van der Meer about how he successfully sold his business. He offers some sound advice for business owners who are considering exiting their businesses.
  • Commercial Real Estate and Leasing Trends in Calgary and Edmonton – In October we released our first special report on commercial leasing and real estate trends as part of our launch of our partnership with Alberta’s Real Estate Boards (through Pillar 9). The trends identified in this report will help business owners to position themselves with their lease or property negotiations.
  • Should You Work with a Commercial Real Estate Agent? – We are talked to Lori Suba about commercial real estate. There are many things to consider when a business owner decides to lease or purchase a commercial property. This interview is a must listen if you’re considering buying or leasing a commercial property as she discusses several key issues. Lori has a wealth of knowledge about commercial real estate, and I learned allot from our conversation.
  • How to Make an Emergency Exit Plan from Your Business – This topic is always challenging because we want our business to succeed, but what if that isn’t possible? After a couple of very challenging years of the COVID19 pandemic, some business owners have had enough and there may be no pathway to success with their business. So, if you or someone you know is that position, you need to read this article.

Looking Forward to 2022

In 2022 we are planning more high-quality small business blog articles for Connect4Commerce. In addition to the weekly small business “how to” articles produced by our staff; we are also planning to invite guest columnists to submit articles of interest to small business owners.

We are also planning to produce more guides about doing business in Canada including a guide on small business marketing, small business management, and a guide to sourcing suppliers and wholesalers.

Finally, in 2022 we are planning to produce a monthly newsletter for our subscribers. So signup for our newsletter to ensure that you don’t miss out on all the great post from the Canadian Small Business Blog:

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