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Disclaimer - It is your responsibility to perform the appropriate due diligence to verify information provided by users or third parties on this website or in subsequent interactions. For more information see our website’s Terms of Use. Ltd Web Portal Business In Canmore For Sale


Listing ID: 125 ( has been operating as Canmore’s dedicated internet search Portal for over 20 years. The Portal first went live on the Internet September 1999.

The company’s growth over this time period is the result of the following:

  1. The Town’s transition to a Travel and Tourism based economy since the 1988 Winter Olympics.

  2. The increased awareness of the Canmore Brand in regional, national and international markets.

  3. A content strategy specific to the Community and all Canmore has to offer as a Canadian Rocky Mountain Travel destination, or vacation/permanent/retirement residence.

Currently, has a stable and growing client base, revenue stream and user audience. Detailed information is available in the company’s Offering Memorandum.

Asking price is $250-270,000. Visit to see more and contact us for more business details!

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