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(780) 243-0625
4205 Charles Close SW
  Edmonton , Alberta   T6W 0Z5
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Delegate It! Virtual Administration (DIVA)

Edmonton, Alberta

Listing ID: 165

I can save you money, and time.  
I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses save time by taking administrative tasks off their hands, so they can focus on growing their business or spending time with family. 
Did you know you can save up to 78% in annual labour costs hiring a virtual administrator over a full-time employee?  
You will only pay for the hours of actual productive work you need.
What administrative task do you hate the most? What takes up too much of your time? 
Successful entrepreneurs know the power of delegation, so pass those time consuming administrative tasks on to a skilled, experienced administrator, me.
I believe great superior customer service starts with listening.  I'm approachable and down to earth, why not contact me today?
Let me listen to you tell me all about your business.

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