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300, 404 6th Avenue SW
  Calgary , Alberta   T2P 0R9
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Outstanding NE Office For Lease - 3,510 SF

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20201217_130121 open area 3.jpg
20201217_130236 open area 6.jpg
20201217_125934 kitchenette.jpg
Calgary, Alberta

Approximate Sq. Ft.:
# of Bathrooms:

Listing ID: 170
Excellent plug & play show suite ready to lease in 1120 53 Avenue NE, Unit 101.  This space has been updated with fresh carpet, paint, a kitchen, and two brand-new accessible washrooms.  Dedicated HVAC and ample free surface parking, make this a great COVID friendly option.

Amenities nearby include Deerfoot City and Aviation Crossing.

Low operating costs make this a very attractively priced option for office requirements.

Please call for details!

Central Heat & Air
Kitchen/Break Room

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